🇺🇸Voting Results: DeFiChain Improvement & Community Proposals

The voting on DeFiChain Improvement Proposals 3, 4, 5 and 6 as well as Community Development Fund Proposal 1 has ended, and we are happy to announce that all proposals have been successfully approved!

Voting Results

Out of 16 Masternodes, 15 approved and 1 rejected DFIP 3.
Out of 15 Masternodes, 14 approved and 1 rejected
Out of 16 Masternodes, 14 approved and 2 rejected
Out of 16 Masternodes, 13 approved and 3 rejected
Out of 16 Masternodes, 15 approved and 1 rejected

All proposals explained in video form

What will happen next

DFIP 3 will be implemented this January, which means that the Liquidity Mining rewards will be kept at 100 DFI / block without any prior reduction.

DFIP 5 & 6 will be implemented in Q1 2021, adding BCH and LTC support to the DEX & liquidity mining pools.

DFIP 4 will be implemented at the beginning of Q2 2021 and reduce the collateral required to run a masternode to 20,000 DFI.

And lastly, CDFP 1 has been approved and Daniel Zirkel will receive 10,000 DFI by the end of this week for creating and maintaining his website www.cakedefi-review.com

We are looking forward to your feedback and discussion on GitHub and Telegram!

Your DeFiChain Team

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