🇺🇸How to claim your FREE DFI as a bitcoin hodler

EDIT/UPDATE: Because of technical issues the claim for the Airdrop is delayed for exactly 24 hours (There was an issue with claiming your DFI for SegWit addresses) — Our developers already fixed the issue. We delayed the Airdrop to make sure no one is at a disadvantage. There is no change to the validity of the snapshot or eligibility. You can claim your DFI at 11th of September at 8am UTC

The recently announced Airdrop of 500 DFI per 1 BTC completely for free is finally happening!

First, a rough overview of the most important information you need to be aware of — and then, we’ll jump straight into exactly how you can claim your free DFI! Yay!

With that out of the way, let’s begin with walking you through on how to claim your free DFI, step-by-step:

  1. Go to https://defichain.com/airdrop/, click on “Claim DFI”

2. Enter your BTC address in the form below, click “Check eligibility”

3. You should now see your Claim status down below. Click “I’ve checked my airdrop eligibility”

4. Next, make sure you have a DFI Wallet. You can choose between our “DeFi Blockchain client” or the “Pool by Cake DFI wallet”. Note your wallet address, then click “I’ve obtained a DFI wallet”

5. Now, enter your BTC address again and the DFI address noted in the previous step. Click “Continue to step 3”

6. You’re almost done! To verify that the BTC address you entered is actually yours, all you need to do now is sign the message you’ll see on your screen from your Bitcoin client.
If you need help with signing, here’s a guide for Trezor/Ledger wallets. You can also ask for help in the only official DeFiChain Telegram community.
Note: do not use the message in the screenshot below. All messages are unique to each BTC address.

7. Last Step: enter the signature you just generated and click “Complete Claiming My DFI”

All done! You should now see a confirmation message on your screen with “Status: INITIATED”

If you are not seeing a confirmation message or have any questions related to the Airdrop, please join our official Telegram group and post them there.

If you are seeing the confirmation message, all you need to do now is lay back and wait, and after about 24 hours you should see the DFI in your wallet. Yaay!

P.S.: want up to 60% staking reward on the DFI you just claimed? Click here and join Cake for free!

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