🇺🇸DFIP 1 & 2 Voting Results!

Hey DeFiers,

the votings on DeFiChain Improvement Proposal 1 and 2 have ended, and we are happy to announce that both proposals have been successfully approved!

Voting Results

This means that the DeFiChain Foundation will implement both the Bitcoin anchoring and the Liquidity Mining changes in the next hard fork within the next few months.

One more thing…

We are planning to do our next DFIP to suggest lowering the minimum amount of DFI you need to run your own masternode to be just 100,000 DFI!

This brings DeFiChain yet one more step closer to its vision to be fully decentralized, which will benefit everyone!

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We are looking forward to your feedback and discussion on Telegram: https://t.me/defiblockchain

Your DeFiChain Team

Bringing #DeFi (Decentralized Finance) to #Bitcoin. https://defichain.com

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