🇺🇸DeFiChain Hardfork Successful! Everything you need to know

🥳 Great news: As Block 356500 was mined, the DeFiChain Hardfork “Ang Mo Kio” just went through successfully!

All the following features were implemented smoothly without any problems or complications:

Wondering about the naming?

All coming hardforks will be named from a to z after train stations in Singapore, and the community will be able to vote on which ones to choose! Next up is the letter “b” — and for those wondering,

What you need to do

If you are just a regular DFI hodler, there is nothing you need to do.

If you are running your own masternode, this is how you can run the update:

Download and untar the relevant version to your operating system, run bin/defid or bin/defid.exe to start a DeFi Blockchain daemon. The client (CLI) can be found at bin/defi-cli or bin/defi-cli.exe.

You will have to reindex after the first upgrade to 1.2.0. To reindex, run defid -reindex.

App (GUI) users
If you are running the desktop app, you do not have to manually update the underlying node. Check for the latest releases.

Please report any issues to , or reach out to is via or .

Become part of the DeFiChain Community!

DeFiChain is a community project at its core.

We value the opinion and thoughts of everyone in our community, and implement requested features as soon as possible. With that said:

Don’t forget to leave us feedback or generally discuss DeFiChain on Telegram:

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