🇺🇸DeFiChain (DFI) listing on Bittrex! 🚀

Today we are proud to announce that the DeFiChain token, DFI is being listed on one of the top crypto exchanges: Bittrex

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Starting tomorrow, the 16th of October at 2pm UTC users will be able to trade DFI on Bittrex. Wallets are already live, so you can start depositing your DFI right away!

UPDATE: the listing is LIVE and you can start trading now!

Click here for BTC-DFI Trading

Click here for USDT-DFI Trading

Within merely over 3 months since the launch of the DFI token, it is already being listed on one of the largest exchanges in the crypto community.

Not only is that exciting — but it goes to show the confidence and trust people put into DeFiChain, despite still not even being half a year old yet.

DeFiChain’s listing on Bittrex, the largest exchange yet to offer DFI, will not just mean higher trading volume — it means better accessibility, ease of use, liquidity and credibility most crypto projects only ever dream of.

It is always one of the most important milestones of any crypto project to be listed on a top exchange, and is going to open many doors for DeFiChain.

All made possible thanks to you and everyone else part of our loyal, constructive and supportive community.

The team is working on the chain’s interoperability by bringing other coins onto its network: not just BTC but also ETH, USDT, BCH, XRP.

This is happening in November, and will function on the new liquidity pool the team is launching. With this Liquidity Pool, it will be the first ever Yield Farming on a UTXO network!

Users can deposit their BTC and earn DFI coins as a benefit — yields are expected to be around 150% when the pool is first launched.

Your DeFiChain Team

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