🇺🇸DeFiChain DEX & Liquidity Mining launching Monday, November 30th! 🎉

First ever DEX built on top of Bitcoin

Advantages (& Disadvantages) of the DeFiChain DEX

  • Unlike on centralized exchanges, on the DeFiChain DEX you are the one controlling your own private key. Your key, your coins, but also your responsibility to keep it safe.
  • Being 100% decentralized, there is and can’t ever be any kind of Geoblocking like you see on most centralized exchanges.
  • No KYC needed — remain completely anonymous.
  • You have independent access to the DEX — no third party or stable, central website needed.
  • The code is completely open-source, non-turing-complete & built on top of the extremely secure bitcoin protocol — safety is DeFiChain’s nature.
  • The DeFiChain DEX works with Liquidity Pools — less efficient than centralized order matching, but allows for lucrative Liquidity Mining & is the only way to be 100% decentralized.
  • Token Listing is completely independent and decentralized.
  • There is no way to stop the DeFiChain DEX & shut it off — this is true even in the case of emergencies (e.g. hacks), though.
  • The DeFiChain DEX is censorship-resistant and cannot be controlled by any central party or government.

Liquidity Mining for lucrative APY upwards of 300%!

Beware the risks

  1. Smart Contract Risk

Preparing for the DEX & Liquidity Mining launch

  • Register for Cake DeFi who will handle the technical part of Liquidity Mining for you against a 15% of your rewards fee.




Bringing #DeFi (Decentralized Finance) to #Bitcoin. https://defichain.com

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DeFi Blockchain

DeFi Blockchain

Bringing #DeFi (Decentralized Finance) to #Bitcoin. https://defichain.com

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