At DeFiChain, the security of our users is our number one priority. That’s why we’re looking to harness the value of security professionals as well as developers within the community. Our Bug Bounty program underscores our values and serves our mission in becoming the most trusted and transparent blockchain protocol that enables DeFi functionalities for the bitcoin blockchain. DeFiChain’s bug bounty program awards up to US$ 50,000 in DFI for vulnerabilities in the DeFiChain code.

How to participate

There are many ways to join the program to help find and identify vulnerabilities in the DeFiChain code. You can start by connecting to the…

The DeFiChain community participated in the fifth round of voting and in this latest round they were able to vote on 2 DFIP proposals to further improve and decentralize the DeFiChain ecosystem, as well as on 10 community funding proposals (CFPs). The voting round/2106 started on 8 June 2021 and closed on 16 June 2021; a total of 2,713 votes across all 12 proposals have decided on the direction in which DeFiChain is heading.

The following table shows the final results of the voting round/2106, with a total of 11 out of 12 proposals accepted.

  • DeFiChain Foundation Limited, which was previously registered in Singapore, has been de-registered.
  • In this next step to becoming fully decentralized with no on-chain governance, the DeFiChain project will be wholly run by you — the DeFiChain community.
  • A new non-profit Foundation will be incorporated in the BVI to administer any admin tasks and DeFiChain’s intellectual property (IP) rights.


It’s one small step for DeFiChain, one giant leap for decentralization!

The DeFiChain team has completed the de-registration process of the DeFiChain Foundation Limited, which was previously registered under in Singapore (Company identification number 201937328C).

Don’t worry, this is just a…

What would DeFiChain be today without a strong and forward thinking community — one determined to further push the decentralization efforts in order to become the number one DeFi protocol for financial applications. Back in Q1 we outlined our ambitions to convince more external developers to build their own dApps and programs on top of the DeFiChain blockchain by encouraging them to apply for funding via the community development fund.

This fund, holding a bit more than 14m DFI and continually growing with each block, is reserved for community purposes only. Its sole objective is to incentivize developers and the…

In this five minute reading article, you’ll learn about:

  • How DeFiChain currently handles the transfer of Bitcoins and other coins into its ecosystem.
  • The future of sending Bitcoins and any other coins in a totally decentralized way into the DeFiChain ecosystem.

Have you ever wondered why it is not possible to use Bitcoin directly on Ethereum, or why you can’t send Tether from your DeFiChain Wallet App directly to your Binance account? Well, the answer has to do with each coin’s limited interoperability on different non-native blockchains, where coins based on one network cannot be simply transferred to another network…

The upcoming millionaire caste has more in common with the ‘degenerates’ from WallStreetBets heading for GME, XRP or Doge than with Wall Street gurus like Warren Buffett. Most of them funnel their retirement savings into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or DeFiChain and are taunting the financial superstar investors for lacking so-called “diamond hands” and panic selling their stocks at the beginning of the pandemic.

The outcry “Gold! Gold! In the Klondike!” unfolded one of the greatest gold rushes in history. In 1897, an army of hopeful gold-seekers boarded ships in ports along the East Coast of the US and headed north toward the vision of riches to be had for the taking. Most of them were uneducated day laborers, blindly following rumors, they weren’t able to verify, just to hit the promised golden jackpot. A few made it, most didn’t.

DeFiChain was the best performing new blockchain of 2020, and there is a strong case to be made that the value of the DFI Coin will continue to rise this year.

But how much value growth potential does DeFiChain actually still have? And what are the risks associated with investing in DFI? We address these two fundamental questions in detail in this article.

DeFiChain is a young crypto project that is less than a year old and has already taken the DeFi market on Bitcoin by storm. …

In this five minute reading article, you’ll learn about:

The first part of the Pink Paper was about the governance structure; the second part, deals with the technical aspect of DeFiChain and addresses questions concerning future use cases like decentralized tokenization, atomic swaps, interchain exchange or price oracles, to name just a few. These concepts, which are outlined in this article, will be introduced gradually over the next few weeks.

Figure 1 gives an overview about the upcoming product launches. Do note that the dates are estimates and may divert from the actual release dates.

Atomic Swaps and Interchange Exchange

We published a detailed article

Al fine di dare alla nostra comunità e ai nostri partner piena trasparenza su ciò che sta accadendo davanti e anche dietro le quinte di DeFiChain, vorremmo pubblicare il nostro rapporto trimestrale del consiglio. Si prega di notare che questa è una traduzione — la versione originale inglese può essere trovata qui. Per ulteriori informazioni, visitare:

Video del rapporto sulla trasparenza del quarto trimestre:

Unisciti a noi LIVE su Remo domani per una discussione interattiva del Q1 Transparency Report il 17 aprile 2021 alle 14:00 CET (ora italiana).

Evento Remo

Una registrazione della sessione dal vivo sarà incorporata qui sotto non appena sarà pronta.

Speriamo che…

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